DJ sessions

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2022-12-11 (Airmode)

"Album cover" created with Midjourney as a sort of exploration of cultural latent space. I'm still figuring out how I feel about using text-to-image models for creative purposes so this text is my little caveat.

2022-11-18 (Bye Bye Birdsite)

"Album cover" created with Midjourney.

2022-07-01 (303 Romance)

2022-02-16 (Reclining DJ Nature)

2022-01-20 (Rainy January morning house mix with coffee)

2022-01-02 (early 2022 house)

2021-12-26 (driving)

DDJ-400 in a car on the highway

2021-12-03 (house)

DDJ-400 on a desk with computers

2021-11-14 (LLBean parking lot)

LLBean Parking Lot